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Why You Should Not Put Off Kitchen Exhaust Range Hood Cleaning

The kitchen exhaust range hood is what removed smoke, cooking odours and heat from the air. But with time, it can get clogged with grease and debris which can lead to reduced efficiency. It can also increase the risk of fire. This is why it is so important to carry out regular maintenance for a kitchen range hood.

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The biggest risk associated with a clogged and dirty range hood is the risk of fire. It is very easy for the grease and debris build-up in the range hood to be exposed to high temperatures and ignite. It is very easy for the fire to spread to the rest of the kitchen once this happens. And it can spread to the rest of the building causing a lot of damage. You can hire grease cleaners Byron Bay to thoroughly clean your kitchen exhaust range hood. If your range hood has not been cleaned for some time, it can affect the air quality of the kitchen as well. When there is grease and debris clogging the hood, it will not be able to efficiently remove cooking odours and smoke that is generated in the kitchen and it can lead to the area smelling unpleasant. It will also lead to bacteria and mould growth which can further impact indoor air quality and have negative consequences on your health. 

It is harder for a range hood to do its job when it is blocked with grease and debris.

This significantly lowers its efficiency which can cause higher energy consumption. You will notice that your electricity bill is higher than usual. This can be significant when the range hood is in a busy restaurant kitchen. You can improve the efficiency of the range hood by hiring regular maintenance and cleaning. This will also lead to less wear and tear on the unit which will extend its lifespan. There will be no additional strain on the unit or its components so there will be no frequent breakdowns, repairs, or replacements. You can prevent many issues from cropping up when you clean the range hood thoroughly. Some of the tasks that are included in maintaining the range hood are removing and cleaning filters, cleaning the inside and outside of the hood.

There should be proper cleaning supplies used for the task such as a degreaser, scrub brushes, sponges, microfiber cloths etc. You need to remove the filters after turning power off for the units. The filters can be soaked in hot soapy water and then the grease can be removed using a scrub brush or a sponge. The filters can be rinsed and left to air dry. When you select a professional service for this, you can ensure they use the right cleaning supplies and the techniques to extend the lifespan of the unit. They will also be able to spot minor issues before they become serious. Generally, the range hood has to be cleaned every six months but this has to be determined by the frequency of use. For commercial kitchens, there should be frequent cleaning.