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Deciding Between Private and Public High Schools

There are many options you can consider when it comes to your child’s education. One of the major decisions you will have to make is whether you are sending them to a public or private school. There are pros and cons to both of these options but in the end, you have to consider what will benefit your child more when it comes to their academic and character growth.

A significant difference is the cost when choosing a private high school over a public school. Tuition is higher in a private high school and if you already have financial difficulties, it can be difficult to afford this. However, this should not stop you if you are sure that a private high school can offer more opportunities for your child. You can look into financial aid programmes and scholarships offered by the high school as this can make the financial burden significantly lighter. The class size is smaller when it comes to private schools Sunshine Coast and this can have a big impact on your child’s academic growth. When the class size is small, the teacher will be able to devote more personalised attention to each child and ensure they are all able to understand the educational materials. If there is a gap in learning, there can always be individualised attention provided to the child along with other assistance to ensure they keep up with the pace of the rest of the class. But a teacher will not be able to spot these students in a larger class and even if they do, they will not be able to devote the same level of attention.  

The extracurricular activities provided by private high schools have a wider scope compared to public schools. And if your child has a certain preference, you can select a school that will be able to accommodate it. The exposure your child receives in private and public high schools is different. As the class size and the number of students in a private high school is generally smaller, diversity of the student body will be reduced. The diversity and exposure to students from different walks of life will be greater when it comes to a public high school giving your child a better understanding of the larger society. And this gives them valuable experience in learning to be part of society as well.

You will be able to access specialised courses

And academic programmes when it comes to private high schools. While similar programmes can be found in public high schools, you will not be able to match the same level of support and resource. There will also be heightened security measures in a private high school such as security guards and metal detectors but these resources may not be available with the limited budget of a public high school. As mentioned above, the student body of a private high school will be more or less homogenous but this also has an advantage as it creates a more supportive environment without feeling excluded.