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Tips for Kitchen Renovation without Disrupting Your Daily Routine

A kitchen renovation can help improve functionality and aesthetics. But if you are carrying out a complete renovation, it can disrupt your normal life. However, with proper planning, these disruptions can be kept to a minimum.

Make sure you choose the right professionals such as Perpetual Designs Brighton for the job so that they are able to help you plan the renovation in fin detail. You need to have a detailed plan where the scope of the project is clearly defined including the timelines, budget and goals. This will help you guide you through the process and it makes it easier to stay organised as well. When working with a kitchen designer or renovation company, they will be able to consider the practicalities of achieving your vision. It is important to understand that your kitchen will not be in a usable condition during the renovation. So you will need to create a temporary kitchen in a different part of the home whether it is in the corner of the dining room or a spare room etc. You can set up equipment such as a toaster oven, microwave and a portable stove top so that you can prepare simple meals when required.

You need to pack

Any non-essentials from the kitchen before the renovation starts such as pantry items, cookware, dishes, utensils etc. You can put these in boxes and clearly label the boxes so that you can retrieve what you want easily during the renovation. This will get rid of unnecessary clutter. You can keep the basics in the makeshift kitchen and have the rest packed away. For example, all you need is cutlery for the family members and a few pots and pans to create some simple meals. You will not be entertaining during this period so you don’t need to have all the plates and cups in view. You should also maintain clear communication with the contractors. Let them know what your daily routine is and how concerns such as dust and noise can be managed during the renovation. You need to iron out a feasible timeline based on the project scope with the renovation company.

Make sure to establish a renovation zone by separating

Tthe renovation area with temporary walls or plastic sheeting so that dust can be contained within this area without spreading to the rest of the house. This will help you maintain cleanliness and organisation in the rest of the house and your family will not be constantly exposed to the renovation activities. Discuss with the contractor about when to schedule noisy tasks. For example, you can start the construction later in the morning so that disruption can be minimised to family members. Make sure to think about your neighbours as well and ensure noise dampening measures. The materials you choose also have an impact on the timeline. For example, you can use quick setting grouts and paints so that the renovation process can be expedited.