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A List of The Different Types of Product Packaging Out There

Now more than ever, we live in a world where e-commerce is thriving. And a cornerstone aspect of any e-commerce business is its packaging.  While the primary reason for every packaging is to ensure the product reaches customers safely, the secondary reason follows to be visually pleasing in order to attract every customer’s attention and create brand awareness. Today, you even get the option to customize your packaging thus making it more personal and unique. And so, as you can see, product packaging has come a long way.

In this article, we’re going to focus on the different types of packaging out there.  So, if you’re someone who either owns an e-commerce business or is looking to start up one, then keep reading in order to have a better understanding on which packaging suits your product and purpose the best.

Paper Board

Often also known as mailers, paper board is a type of packaging that is designed for small and flat products rather than bulky ones. Often, paper boards are cushioned with bubble wrap, pads and etc. in order to protect the product inside from any possible damages and creases. For example, items such as jewellery, books, electronic accessories and etc. are more suitable for paper boards.


The type of packaging that dates back to the beginning of postal mail ages are envelopes. While postal mails with letters are rarely common these days, they still serve purpose for many e-commerce businesses when it comes to packaging their products. However, while envelopes can be used for small and light products only, they most definitely cannot be used for fragile ones.

Cardboard Boxes

When we say boxes, it’s just an over-the-top idea of a corrugated cardboard box. The variety of it is endless! There are boxes in different shapes, style and sizes in order to fit different kinds of products, be it big or small. Often the style and size of the box is highly dependent on the brand’s image and purpose. Many e-commerce businesses opt for custom postage boxes in order to have a more personal touch and sense of value.

Plastic Boxes

Plastic boxes too come in different sizes and are comparatively lighter to cardboard boxes. Whilst this option of packaging is not too common among many businesses due to the fact that it is harmful for environment, they still do tend to serve a purpose in terms of flexibility. However, many e-commerce businesses that are in respective to the food industry make use of biodegradable ones for their products.

Paper Bags

Last but not the least, we have paper bags. A more gift-wrapping means of product packaging. Most paper bags are customizable and are done for products that are given for gifts across different seasons and occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, etc. Often small and light products are paper bag friendly in comparison to heavy and bigger products.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect product packaging, you need to first looking into your brand’s purpose and product type. Once that’s settled, you can go ahead with the perfect packaging choice.